May 2024

Keys to Success: Yvette’s Monthly Title Tip, Protecting Our Seniors: Be a Fraud Fighter in Real Estate

As real estate agents, you build trust with your clients, many of whom become like family, especially seniors navigating the complexities of selling or buying a home. Unfortunately, seniors are prime targets for elder fraud.

The Threat: Elder Fraud Exposed

Elder fraud encompasses any scheme that exploits seniors financially. Scammers use a variety of tactics, including:

  • High-pressure sales: They rush seniors into decisions on unnecessary services, home repairs, or investments.
  • Reverse mortgage scams: Fraudsters promise unrealistic returns or pressure seniors into unfavorable loan terms.
  • Grandparent scams: Imposters call, pretending to be grandchildren in urgent need of money.
  • Phishing scams: Deceptive emails or calls appear legitimate, tricking seniors into revealing personal information.

Become a Guardian: How You Can Help

  • Be Alert: Watch for signs of confusion, unusual financial activity, or undue pressure from caregivers influencing decisions.
  • Educate Your Clients: Share information about common scams and resources available. Provide them with the FBI’s Elder Fraud website ( and the IC3 Complaint Center ( for reporting.
  • Open Communication is Key: Encourage your clients to discuss financial decisions with trusted family members or advisors before committing.
  • Partner with Professionals: Collaborate with elder law attorneys or financial advisors specializing in senior care.

According to the FBI, in 2023, seniors lost over $3.4 billion to scams, with an individual average of $33,915.00 lost. By working together, we can empower our clients to make informed decisions and safeguard their hard-earned savings. Together, let’s create a safe and secure real estate journey for all!

Employee Spotlight: Megan Crawford

Introducing Megan, one of our post-closing officers at Mid-State Title. Originally from Washington DC, Megan has called Spring Hill, TN, home for nearly two decades. Her journey into the real estate title industry began in 2011 at Keller Williams, where she worked her way up, driven by her aspiration to join the MST team led by Yvette. In her role, Megan finds fulfillment in ensuring seamless communication throughout the title process, prioritizing client satisfaction. Beyond the office, Megan finds joy in spending quality time with her loved ones, particularly cheering on her boys in their various sports endeavors. If you happen to attend one of her boys’ games, don’t be surprised if you hear her cheering loudly! To unwind after a busy day, Megan treasures moments on her back porch watching her boys play alongside their dogs, Sammie and Max.

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